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The Coffee Cart

Nothing beats enjoying that nice cup of coffee. Since 2021, our goal has always been to provide each event or customer exactly that. Our exquisite coffees have origins from around the world — from intense aromas to creamy textures — we are here to show you that our coffee can cure all your tension. One sip at a time. At Peregrines Coffee, we provide you with delightfully delicious coffee which is prepared for each and every guest. Browse our collection and stop by to try them for yourself.

Our Story

You may be asking “Why Peregrines?”. The name “Peregrine” comes from our founder’s name
“Shawahin” which is Arabic for Falcon. Our one and only Moe Shawahin believes that your coffee
should be luxurious, powerful, cosmopolitan, and freeing like the Peregrine Falcon! The Falcon
also symbolizes tradition and travel. Coffee is widely consumed in different cultures especially
among the Shawahin family. It is a family tradition that continues to be passed down through
generations and bring communities together.

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